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Supporting Bromsgrove teachers 104-Mile UTS100M Ultramarathon to raise money for charity


At Multistaff Recruitment Solutions, we take great pride in announcing our support for two remarkable school teachers, Neil Dixon and Lee Lawrance from South Bromsgrove High School, as they embark on the formidable challenge of the UTS100M ultramarathon. This extraordinary event, set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Snowdonia National Park, transcends the ordinary; it represents a test of physical and mental resilience, an unparalleled demonstration of endurance and determination.

UTS100M ultramarathon

The Challenge: A Gruelling 104-Mile Journey

The UTS100M ultramarathon is a formidable 104-mile trail that winds through the rugged terrain of Snowdonia’s Mountain peaks, encompassing nearly 10,000 meters of ascent. Completing this arduous course within 48 hours is a feat that demands unwavering dedication and unwavering spirit They are running the UTS100 which is a 104-mile ultra marathon which climbs most of the mountain peaks in northern Snowdonia, resulting in approx. 10,000m of climbing. (for perspective, Mount Everest is 8,849m)

To prepare for this ultimate test of endurance, Lee and Neil are running approximately 80km for nine hours a week, rigorously training their bodies and fortifying their mental resilience. Their commitment to this monumental challenge is truly inspiring and showcases their unwavering determination to push their limits.

A Cause Worth Supporting: The HB9 – Harry Bennett Foundation

This inspiring initiative goes beyond a personal challenge; it is also a meaningful fundraising endeavour for the local charity, The HB9 Foundation. The HB9 foundation was created in memory of former pupil Harry’s memory and supports community members in engaging in sports, aiming to provide the enriching benefits of physical activity. By backing Lee and Neil, you’ll be making a difference by supporting a cause that promotes the well-being of individuals and teams through the positive impact of sports.

Multistaff’s Pledge: Doubling the Impact

We are incredibly excited to announce that we’ve made a significant commitment to this cause. In a show of unwavering support, we have pledged to double our donation if Lee and Neil successfully overcome this monumental feat. We invite you to stand with us in this endeavour, as we collectively aim to make a positive impact. Join us in making a difference and championing the spirit of determination, resilience, and the power of sports to inspire and uplift lives.



Lee and Neil's fundraiser for HB9

Join Us in Making a Difference

The UTS100M ultramarathon is an extraordinary endeavour, and we invite you to be part of this incredible journey. Your generous support and contributions can make a world of difference, not only in empowering Lee and Neil to achieve their goal, but also in contributing to the impactful initiatives of The Harry Bennett Foundation – HB9.

By supporting this, you are championing the spirit of determination, resilience, and the power of sports to inspire and uplift lives. We encourage you to join us in rallying behind Lee and Neil as they set out to conquer the UTS100M ultramarathon and make a meaningful difference.

How You Can Help

You can add your support by donating to The Harry Bennett Foundation. To support, donate, or get involved, please visit


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