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John Sutton Director at Multistaff

John Sutton


John joined Phil at Multistaff Recruitment solutions in March 2021 as a Director / Shareholder and has invested in the company with a mutual vision to expand the company’s services to a wider customer base.

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones

Branch Manager

Kerry has 20 years’ experience In Driving recruitment & Industrial Recruitment. She is passionate about the Industry , with over 10 years Management experience behind her , she has trained & coached many leaders in the field . Kerry says Recruitment Is in her blood, she enjoys leading a successful team .  Building excellent relationships…

Simon Wright

Senior Industrial Consultant

Simon has nearly a decade of experience as a recruitment consultant and has a proven track record of supplying a first-class service to business clients. He is an accredited member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (AREC).

Jordan Stoddart

Permanent Consultant

Jordan is an enthusiastic highly driven person who has been in recruitment for five years. Starting as a trainee and working up to business development manager, he is a ‘people person’ and loves creating new relationships. Previously he worked in distribution and logistics.  

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At Multistaff, we recognise that roles within this industry demand hard work, and we demand the same from ourselves. We’ll strive to meet your needs and successfully recruit the right people to work in the right roles.

We have many years of combined experience as a manufacturing recruitment agency. Through listening to both client and customer needs, we provide an honest and efficient service using the best tools and technology available to us.

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With a focus on manufacturing staffing, we have helped hundreds of individuals secure their ideal manufacturing and food production jobs in Worcestershire and beyond.

As a leading manufacturing staffing agency, we're on a mission to connect workers with their dream roles and provide companies, big or small, with our personalised solutions, ensuring a perfect fit for their talent needs.

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Manufacturing Recruitment - FAQs

A food production job involves the mass manufacturing and packaging of food products. This includes conducting quality tests, adhering to food safety regulations and in some circumstances operating machinery.

Roles within food production are a great way to develop key transferable skills, including time management, efficient communication as well as thorough training on food safety and hygiene procedures.

There are several careers within the food industry and whilst some roles like chefs, cooks and bakers require certified training, there are many positions that do not require such qualifications. These include baristas, bar staff and kitchen porters to name a few.

Whilst specific qualifications are not required for several jobs in the food industry, a formal education can help. If you don’t have this there are still ways for you to land a role. Consider taking up related courses and workshops that can boost your knowledge. You can also sign up for agencies like Multistaff, dedicated to placing workers in various roles throughout the food industry.

Just remember when applying for roles, be sure to draw on relevant skills and experiences to significantly increase your chances.

While salaries within the food industry are varied based on location, previous experience and company size, there are some roles that on average, offer higher salaries. These include management positions, such as food service managers, executive chefs and restaurant managers. Food scientists and other related roles are also known for their competitive salaries.

However, salaries are not the be-all and end-all of a good job. Multistaff is dedicated to placing the right people in the right roles for jobs they belong in.

There are several career paths you can pursue with this degree, including working as a food scientist/ food technologist. This involves ensuring food and drink products are safe for consumption as well as undertaking nutritional research. Related roles are nutritionists, food health and safety inspectors and food production managers. It’s important to note that a degree can take you to many roles, not just ones within your chosen field of study.

Manufacturing roles involve the production and subsequent distribution of products from various sectors including food, motor, electronics and much more. You can find roles that deal with products at all stages in the production line from assembly and quality control to packing and distribution.

The number of jobs available in manufacturing is varied. Due to the broad nature of this industry, there are a wide number of jobs in different sectors. Whilst the exact number varies across each one, in 2022 the food sector was the largest division of manufacturing in the UK.

Obtaining a job in manufacturing doesn’t always require a degree, although a formal education may be beneficial, especially when accessing apprenticeships that could help get you into the field. Some employers may also consider relevant BTEC qualifications and access courses. If you are struggling to break into the manufacturing industry, then consider utilising the services of a recruitment agency. They can provide you with dedicated support and career advice.

When preparing for any interview you should aim to dress professionally, unless specified other by the employer. First impressions count, so whilst we’re not suggesting you pull out your next best suit, you should aim to dress appropriately for the role. Well-ironed shirts or blouses are good, and they can also be paired with a blazer if you have one to hand. A nice pair of trousers, slacks, or a skirt finished off with an appropriate pair of footwear, like leather shoes.

Safety wear and equipment are often mandatory requirements for manufacturing jobs. This can include safety boots, gloves, goggles and hard hats. Typically, uniform requirements and dress codes will be discussed at the orientation stage.