Are you looking for trusted engineering recruitment agencies?  

Engineering recruitment agencies are in no short supply, but finding one that you can trust is another matter. At Multistaff Recruitment Solutions Ltd. we are different, we understand not only the importance of helping you find the engineering talent you need but also the ability to trust your recruitment provider.

We work with our clients to find talent that sticks with you and does more than just tick the right boxes on paper. We have 10 years of experience in the recruitment sector and apply every ounce of it to help you find the perfect engineering candidates.  

Your engineering recruitment specialists

John Sutton Director at Multistaff

John Sutton


John joined Phil at Multistaff Recruitment solutions in March 2021 as a Director / Shareholder and has invested in the company with a mutual vision to expand the company’s services to a wider customer base.

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones

Branch Manager

Kerry has 20 years’ experience In Driving recruitment & Industrial Recruitment. She is passionate about the Industry , with over 10 years Management experience behind her , she has trained & coached many leaders in the field . Kerry says Recruitment Is in her blood, she enjoys leading a successful team .  Building excellent relationships…

Simon Wright

Senior Industrial Consultant

Simon has nearly a decade of experience as a recruitment consultant and has a proven track record of supplying a first-class service to business clients. He is an accredited member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (AREC).

Jordan Stoddart

Permanent Consultant

Jordan is an enthusiastic highly driven person who has been in recruitment for five years. Starting as a trainee and working up to business development manager, he is a ‘people person’ and loves creating new relationships. Previously he worked in distribution and logistics.  

What our clients say about us

Experienced engineering recruitment agency

While the engineering recruitment sector wasn't always our focus, Multistaff has since embraced the diversification and hasn't looked back. With considerable experience in this area, our trademarked service ensures the highest quality — a guarantee we stand by.

Our warehouse recruiting team are not only hardworking and dedicated but also brings unique and extensive experience to the table. Working tirelessly around the clock, we've implemented an out-of-hours service number, a testament to the depth of our commitment and care for our clients and candidates.

Engineering sectors that Multistaff recruits for

We serve as an expert engineering recruitment agency for several sub-sectors:  

  • Refuse Loader – waste service operators responsible for collecting waste and the operation of relevant machinery.  
  • Production Operator – factory workers who build and assemble goods to be sold to customers.  
  • Machine Operative – those responsible for the configuration and safe operation of machinery.  
  • Quality Control Technician – those entrusted to verify the regulatory compliance of manufactured goods.  


Trusted engineering staffing agency

Here at Multistaff, we're not just matching resumes with job descriptions – we're engineering dreams.

From the heart of Worcestershire all across the UK, our engineering staffing services are all about making those dream engineering jobs a reality. Big or small, we’ve got companies covered, closely adhering to regulations, and providing a professional touch that feels more like a friendly chat.

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We Have Fully Trained Industrial and engineering Recruitment Consultants

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Permanent & temporary engineering jobs

Looking to elevate your career? Explore our available part-time and full-time engineering jobs. The possibilities are endless—find the role that suits your aspirations and begin your next professional adventure.

Find engineering jobs – upload your CV today!

If you're on the hunt for a new engineering role in Worcestershire, or elsewhere in the UK, register with us today! Whether you're seeking permanent or temporary engineering jobs, our team will leverage our knowledge and experience to connect you with a role that matches your goals.

We're here for you

We believe in clear communication. If you’re interested in our services or have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team would be more than happy to help in finding a solution that will meet your needs.

Providing value to engineering companies

Our decade of experience in recruitment has allowed us to hone our capabilities, and deliver the best possible results for our clients, helping them find the talent to drive their businesses forward.  

We’ll be your point of contact throughout the recruitment process, helping you every step of the way. We even offer an out-of-hours service number where our clients can reach us at all hours should they have any issues.  

Our highly trained industrial recruitment consultants will make sure you get the perfect client for your engineering business.  

Benefits of using engineering recruitment agencies

Using an engineering recruitment agency can:  

Save you time  

Provide you with support throughout the recruitment process 

Help you attract better talent  

Find talent that sticks  

Key considerations when choosing an engineering recruitment agency

It’s important to consider a few key things when selecting your engineering recruitment agency, such as:  

How many years’ experience do they have?  

Do they understand your industry?  

Reviews from existing clients  

How easy are they to contact?  

Do they support you through the whole process?  

How do they advertise for your roles?  

Engineering Recruitment - FAQs

You can apply for engineering jobs by registering your details with us here at Multistaff. One of the sectors we specialise in is engineering, and we can help connect you to the greatest opportunities in this industry.

You can find engineering jobs by registering with Multistaff, a recruitment agency that will assist you in finding suitable roles in the engineering and industrial industry. We will utilise online job boards and networking sites to get your credentials out there as well as correspond with employers showcasing why you are right for the role.

To recruit engineers, advertise employment vacancies on online job boards, business websites and professional social networks. To find new talent, use recruitment firms that can evaluate people’s resumes, conduct screening processes and find the right qualified people.

You can obtain a civil engineering job by earning a degree in civil engineering and gain work experience through internships or entry-level positions. With a strong resume and CV that highlights your skills and background, you can apply online, with engineering firms or use a recruitment agency, such as Multistaff, which can connect you with businesses looking for civil engineers.

Applying for a mechanical engineering job can be straightforward when using a recruitment agency. They will match you with the ideal role in the industry by assessing your skill set, experience and knowledge. It is important you have a strong CV showcasing these.

You can also look for job openings online on employer websites and submit targeted applications that highlight your qualifications. It is possible to get a mechanical engineering job in the UK by earning a degree recognised by the UK Engineering Council as well as gaining work experience through entry-level positions and internships.

Chemical engineers can work in a variety of fields, such as process engineering, environmental engineering, materials science, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, food and beverage and environmental engineering. Additionally, other possible careers include process engineers, research scientists, project managers and consultants.

There are many engineering positions available in several disciplines. Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering and environmental engineering are a few of the more popular engineering specialities.


Use employment search engines, such as LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor to uncover mechanical engineering positions. Browse corporate websites, engineering-specific employment forums and professional networks. Contacting recruitment firms can take the hassle of finding a mechanical engineering job by connecting you with employers and businesses that otherwise would take longer.

Electrical engineering jobs can be found by using internet job search engines, searching business websites, online communities and employment boards. Other employment opportunities can be found by utilising university resources, networking and hiring a recruitment agency, like Mulitstaff which specialises in finding jobs for eager job seekers, looking to work as an electrical engineer.

Our engineering recruitment process

We have developed an extremely thorough and efficient process for recruitment for our engineering clients. 

The search process

Vacancy Qualification – We begin by finding out from you exactly how your business operates and what you’re looking for in a candidate.  

Candidate Search – Armed with information about your business and your vacancy, we then begin working to find candidates that we feel will match your needs.  

Candidate Screening, CV Presentation & Interviews – With a roster of candidates selected for your role, we then screen them before introducing them to you for interviewing.  

Management of the Job Offer, Onboarding & After Care – By this stage, you will have selected your candidate. We’ll work with you to help you onboard them and make the process as smooth as possible.  

Additional Services – Now your vacancy is filled, we’ll keep in touch to make sure your new hire is a good fit and provide as much help as you need.  

Our reputation and track record

We have been working in recruitment for 10 years and have helped countless businesses find the perfect candidates. We’ve now turned this expertise to the engineering sector and work through highly skilled engineering recruitment consultants to find our clients the right talent.