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Your trusted partner for permanent work staffing


With over 100 years of combined team experience, we are the top choice recruitment agency for permanent work.

Building continual strong relationships with both our clients and candidates, at Multistaff Recruitment we have the specialist knowledge to find you your permanent work solution.

Connecting businesses with exceptional permanent talent

If you’re looking to hire permanent staff, then we are the recruitment agency for you.

We prioritise listening to our candidates and clients' needs to ensure we find the perfect fit for both job seekers and organisations. Communicating and taking our time to build strong relationships makes it easier for us to find permanent staff for your latest job posting.

Client testimonials: stories of lasting success

How Multistaff can help

At Multistaff Recruitment we have industry expertise that can be used to your advantage to find the perfect talent to fill your position or to find the organisation that’ll best suit your working needs.

When it comes to hiring permanent staff, we know it can be a stressful process and that is why we are here to help. In using a recruitment agency for permanent work or staff, the hassle of the hiring process is eased.

With over 100 years of combined recruitment experience and knowledge in a variety of sectors, our expert team can provide you with unmatched expertise in finding permanent staff or permanent employment opportunities.

Streamlined permanent recruitment process

Following a step-by-step process, we take pride in providing both clients and candidates with a smooth and fine-tuned recruitment process. We can take care of all screening processes, face-to-face interviews and complete all the necessary paperwork to find permanent staff.

Step one

Conducting a thorough and rigorous screening process, ensuring the candidate is perfect for the role.

Step two

In-person interview with the candidate to learn more about them and discuss the permanent roles available.

Step three

We register the candidate for the permanent position you are hiring for, completing all necessary paperwork and providing up-to-date details.

Step four

We conduct a background check and can even look into right-to-work, reference checks and more.

Comprehensive temporary staffing services from Multistaff

Offering managed recruitment solutions, Multistaff can take the pressure off hiring permanent staff and make the recruitment process a breeze.

We offer services that cover both permanent and temporary staffing, whatever suits your current business goals and aspirations.

Tailored Solutions for Your Permanent Workforce Needs

No matter the type of staff your organisation is looking for, at Multistaff Recruitment we can tailor our solutions to specifically fit your needs and that is why we are known as the best permanent recruitment agency.

Advantages to hiring your permanent staff with Multistaff

In using Multistaff Recruitment as your permanent recruitment agency, you can be confident we will find you top-quality candidates with a vast knowledge of your industry.

The stress and hassle of taking time out of your usual day-to-day schedule to do the recruitment process is taken away and handled with professionalism and complete ease.

Long-Term Stability, Talent Retention, and Strategic Workforce Planning

In deciding to hire permanent staff you can have peace of mind that you will have long-term stability, if you choose to find permanent staff through us here at Multistaff Recruitment, then you can be sure to retain your talent after a smooth and enjoyable onboarding experience and our strategic workforce planning.

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Secure your permanent staffing solution - contact us

If you’re looking for success, it's never been easier than using our recruitment agency for permanent work.

Multistaff is here to provide you with flexible, cost-effective and efficient recruitment services, helping you gain the very best candidates for your temporary vacancies.

Both businesses and candidates can register with us and can rest assured we are a premium temporary recruitment agency, able to provide comprehensive solutions.

Get in touch with us today by calling 01527 919 320 or sending us a message using our contact form.

Frequently asked questions

Permanent recruitment involves hiring qualified candidates with the skills, knowledge and experience required for your business that will successfully impact your organisation over time. When permanent recruitment is done correctly, it allows for both the employee and the organisation to grow and develop shared ambitions for the company.

It can all depend on the contract type, contract work can be for a limited amount of time set by the organisation, whereas, permanent is exactly that - permanent with a full-time contract. 

A temporary position is defined by a duration of time with an end-of-contract date. Whereas permanent employees are a permanent addition to an organisation - a long-term investment to help the business grow.

Permanent recruitment solutions are an easy way for your company to hire top-quality candidates that are best suited to your organisation.

Here at Multistaff Recruitment, we have all the industry knowledge and experience to find you the perfect candidates for your permanent job roles. Covering many sectors such as warehouse and distribution, food and manufacturing and many more, choose Multistaff Recruitment for a successful hiring process.

Attracting the best talent can be achieved through a variety of recruitment tactics. Building and utilising your brand is one of the best strategies. Seeking to establish your company as an excellent workplace will help you draw in the most talented applicants.

When it comes to recruitment there are usually a few stages to planning and getting it right, they usually consist of:

  • Defining your organisation's needs
  • Planning the initial recruitment process
  • Finding candidates suitable for the position
  • Screening the candidates
  • Making the job offer
  • Following up