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The benefits of onsite recruitment

If you’re looking for a solution to your recruitment issues, then we can help you begin the process of onsite recruitment and take the pressure off your organisation with a completely managed onsite service with a range of benefits.

Cost Efficiency:

Investing in onsite recruitment solutions can be significantly cost-effective, not only will you be freeing up the time of employees and improving productivity, but employees that would usually be spending time on the recruitment process, and being paid to do work that wouldn’t usually be part of their schedule, will be free to continue working with no disruption to their usual routine.

Enhanced Quality:

We know that finding the very best candidates can be difficult and we understand recruitment isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. By investing in onsite recruitment services from us here at Multistaff Recruitment, we can take the pressure off finding the very best in the industry. Priding ourselves on a quality screening process, we will find the ideal fit for your business.

Real-Time Adaptability:

With us working as your onsite recruitment, there will be a fast-paced response to your employment needs as they change over time. We can help your organisation adapt to changes and find suitable candidates to resolve any staffing issues you may have.

Faster Decision Making:

As we are here to help your organisation adapt to real-time challenges, we will speed up the decision-making process by being your onsite recruitment solution. This ability to speed up the recruitment process and adapt to changes within your company will not only benefit you, but it will also benefit your employees too.

We're dedicated to onsite recruitment solutions

We know that organisations come in different shapes and sizes and recruitment strategies that might work for one, may not work for another.

That is why, at Multistaff Recruitment, we customise our onsite recruitment to your organisation’s specific wants and needs. We are precise and pride ourselves in finding the very best talent across industry sectors, so you don’t have to worry about it!

We understand the complexities of onsite recruitment and handle everything expertly and deal with all the intricacies with professionalism.

Reasons you should choose our onsite recruitment solution

There are many reasons why your organisation should invest in managed onsite recruitment but here are just a few reasons why your company should invest in us here at Multistaff Recruitment:

Proven expertise

With over 100 years of combined industry experience we are the perfect choice for onsite recruitment.

Tailored solutions

Customising our recruitment process to match your organisation’s specific needs and wants.

Efficient process

Creating recruitment strategies that will find top talent fast and resolve your recruitment issues with ease.

Dedicated support

At Multistaff Recruitment, we go above and beyond for your recruitment needs and will support your business throughout the entire process with our helpful staff.

High success rates

Proven success through our many happy clients. 


Taking compliance and procedures seriously to ensure your organisation is supplied with the highest quality service and the very best candidates.

What we offer

Offering a refined recruitment process from start to finish, all candidates can expect a personal and professional recruitment experience.

An efficient onsite recruitment service that is innovative and draws top-quality job seekers to your organisation. We will engage with the best talent for your job postings, whilst also following the highest levels of compliance to ensure that each candidate meets all the necessary requirements.

Looking for a fully managed onsite recruitment solution?

Take the pressure off onsite recruitment by investing in a fully managed recruitment service from us here at Multistaff Recruitment.

From sourcing candidates to onboarding successful applicants, we have everything covered so you don’t have to worry, and your staff can stay productive and focused on core business activities.

How can Multistaff recruitment help?

At Multistaff Recruitment, we will work closely with you to find dynamic solutions to your organisation’s diverse hiring needs.

With a comprehensive approach to onsite recruitment that will help draw in top-quality professionals within your industry.

A customised and tailored experience for your company to ensure you get the very best out of candidates and ensure every candidate we screen on your behalf has a seamless experience that leads to an effective hiring process.

Looking for onsite jobs?

Are you looking for onsite work?

Then we can help you find the perfect position for you at Multistaff Recruitment. Offering positions across a range of industries and organisations, take the stress away from your job search by letting us help you and make the recruitment process enjoyable.

Find the right job for you

Are you looking for the perfect job or considering taking the next step in your career? At Multistaff Recruitment, we can help you find the ideal job from various industries and organisations. We can make finding your next position or step in your career easy and enjoyable and that is why we are one of the top onsite recruitment agencies in the Midlands.

If you’re looking for a temporary position in the warehouse and distribution sectors, we have all the perfect onsite recruitment possibilities. 

Forklift Training

Involves instructing individuals on safely operating forklifts, including practical driving skills, understanding safety regulations and maintenance procedures essential for efficient and safe warehouse operations. 

Picking and Packing

Responsible for the inspection of products of merchandise, ensuring they have the right items, nothing is missing and nothing is damaged, whilst keeping records for an accurate inventory.

Quality Control

Quality control involves the rigorous testing of units to ensure they are within the specifications of the final product and that quality is kept throughout every single product. 

Shift Management

Accountable for managing team assignments, supervising business operations, and addressing issues that arise during their shift. Duties typically consist of controlling stock, cash management and managing responsibilities to improve either customer services or business efficiency.

Organising Stock

usually entails organising and classifying inventory, making sure that records are accurate, arranging for the storage and retrieval of items, and keeping a clean, well-maintained warehouse environment to support effective operations.

Shipping and Receiving

Concentrating on the management of items as they come in and go out, including scheduling and recording shipments and checking delivery for accuracy and damage.

Maintaining a safe working environment

Maintaining a safe work environment refers to the process of ensuring that a workplace is free from hazards and risks that could cause injury or harm to employees.

For more information on our positions, you can visit our Warehouse and Distribution recruitment page. 

If you’re looking for a temporary position as a Warehouse Manager, here at Multistaff Recruitment, we can help you find that position through our onsite recruitment possibilities. A warehouse manager plays a crucial role in managing the effective receiving, storing and shipping of various items. Strong organisational, problem-solving and leadership skills are required for the position, as well as the capacity to operate under pressure to fulfil deadlines. Discover our selection of temporary warehouse positions at Multistaff Recruitment. 

Still not sure? Take a look at our case studies

Still undecided on an onsite recruitment solution, well don’t just take our word for it.

We have many happy clients who have invested in onsite recruitment from us here at Multistaff Recruitment.

Case studies

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As a company that relies heavily on Class 1 HGV drivers, finding reliable agencies to cover our requirements has been a challenge in the past. However, since we…

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Stanway Screens

When we were in need of additional staff, Multistaff came to our rescue. Simon had previously worked for us through another agency, so we were delighted when he…

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Our process

Providing you with a professional and efficient job search, we will find the perfect positions for you.

We will even organise the pre-screening process and face-to-face interviews, as well as supplying the company with all the necessary paperwork. We want to make the recruitment process easy and enjoyable for both our candidates and businesses.

Specialist recruitment support for large-scale hiring operations

At Multistaff Recruitment, we are here to give you all the support you need for any large-scale hiring operation you have. We make hiring top-level candidates easy and stress-free, going above and beyond to help support you throughout the hiring process. So, why not invest in our onsite recruitment services? 

Providing pre-screening phone interviews of candidates - so you don’t have to. 

Conducting face-to-face interviews where we get to know the candidate's experience and work history. 

Once we’ve found the right candidate, we will register them for the position. 

Completing all compliance, we will conduct all necessary background checks, right-to-work checks and any other requirements.