Candidate Assessment

Multistaff is a proactive recruitment agency that takes the viability of our candidates seriously, and this reflects in our industry reputation.

We know that sometimes, speaking with candidates and going through their CV doesn’t reveal the whole picture. That’s why we employ industry-leading technology to perform assessments on all of our candidates. We also invite all candidates into our offices for a one-to-one discussion and interview. During the interview, our recruitment specialists aim to identify the personal goals and culture of the candidate to ensure that we are able to forward candidates for ideal employment opportunities.

We assess candidates based on the role we are considering putting them forward for. For example, a candidate applying for an Insurance Specialist job would be assessed on their ability to effectively handle insurance-related phone calls. The candidates assessment may also include other relevant skills – such as their ability to upsell products and service to customers. We also utilise competency tests and numerical tests where needed.

We know that automated, computer-based assessments often don’t reveal the whole picture. Our recruitment specialists work extremely closely with candidates to identify whether they would be suitable for the positions we currently have available. Our recruitment specialists will never forward a candidate to a client if they feel that a perfect match won’t be created.